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Garden Place Soil Cultivator Is Durable And Affordable!

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Garden Place Soil Cultivator

Target was having an end-of-season sale and, well, for such low prices (this cultivator cost less than a dollar) we could not pass up buying some gardening tools.

The Garden Place Soil Cultivator is 11 in. X 3 1/16 in. X 2 in. It is constructed of nylon and fiberglass (made in China). The tool is durable; it is very sturdy and effective. Also, it is easy to hold onto, especially when I am wearing my Atlas Grip Gloves. They have extra grip in the palms, which is very helpful when working with gardening tools.

A soil cultivator has claws that cut through hard packed dirt. Once the soil is loose and crumbly, it is easy to plant seeds in it. After you've chosen an area you want to plant in, just rake the cultivator through the dirt to loosen stones, rocks, and soil that is clumped together. Doing so helps prepare the soil for planting seeds. Unless your soil is exceptionally tough to dig in, using a cultivator is fairly easy. (If you have soil that is more like clay than dirt, or if it is very rocky or full of roots, I would suggest using large pots instead of trying to plant directly in the ground).

I used the Garden Place Soil Cultivator to prepare the soil in my garden for planting vegetables. There were many small weeds and stones that needed to be removed, and this tool helped me pull them all out. I also used it to help me dig up rocks from around a tree where I wanted to plant some flowers.

Since we didn't have anything to dig with, we also bought a Garden Place Trowelto go along with our Garden Place Soil Cultivator. For readers who do not know what a gardening trowel is, it is a spade, or small shovel, used for small gardening and planting jobs. It's about the size of a child's plastic sand shovel, but it's as durable as a full size shovel. It is an invaluable tool for anyone who likes to grow vegetables and flowers.

Honestly, the soil cultivator was well worth every penny of the 68 cents we paid for it! If we have to replace it, it will be no big deal, but it has held up quite well. A cultivator isn't something I would have thought to buy (this was my first time planting seeds in anything other than bagged potting soil), but it is a very handy tool. We bought it on a whim, and it made gardening much easier.