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Garden Place Trowel An Invaluable Tool For Gardening

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moonbeam973 By moonbeam973 on
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Gardening Trowel from Target

The Garden Place Trowel was purchased during an end-of-season sale at our local Target store. At the low cost of about a dollar, it was a deal too good to pass up. It continues to serve its purpose well.

I would describe this as a spade or a small shovel but, according to the tag, it is a trowel. So, I guess I can use it for gardening or brick laying, should I ever feel the need to take on such a project.

The trowel is 12 11/16 in. X 3 in. X 2 1/2 in., and it was made in China. I am not 100% sure what materials the Garden Place Trowel is made out of, because I have since thrown away the tag that was attached to it. However, the trowel was purchased at the same store, at the same time, and was made by the same company as ourGarden Place Soil Cultivator. So, I think it would be safe to assume that both tools are made of the same type of materials - nylon and fiberglass. At any rate, the trowel does not feel at all like metal, not even the blade. Although the trowel is much too sturdy to be plastic, the blade is not very sharp. The tip of the blade still looks the same though; it has not bent, even after much digging in the Earth. The Garden Place Trowel is a very durable tool.

The trowel is effective and well constructed. I like that the handle is ergonomic, and there is a hole in it so that it can easily be hung up on a peg in the garage. The Original Atlas Grip Gloves Saved My Hands!. They ensure a better grip on gardening tools while preventing calluses.

I originally wanted the trowel to use for transplanting houseplants. (I needed a tool to transfer potting soil from the bag to the pots, and a large kitchen spoon proved to be completely ineffective at performing that task; being too small, it was clumsy and messy). Once I took it outside to aid in planting flowers and vegetables, I realized what an invaluable gardening tool the Garden Place Trowel really is.

We have to use a larger shovel for planting trees or shrubs, but the Garden Place Trowel works well for planting flowers and vegetables in the garden. It is sort of pointed, so it works well for digging into stubborn soil, and it is the perfect size for scooping soil out of (and into) pots and bags of soil.

At first, I wasn't sure the Garden Place Trowel would hold up, considering the price and the store it was purchased at, but it turned out to be a gardening tool I would not want to be without.