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Garden Safe Fungicide3 For Roses

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I love roses. When I lived in Nevada, I had 10 rosebushes in a rainbow of colors lining the sidewalk to my ftont door. If I hadn't kept them cut back, they would have been taller than I am by mid-June. And I never had a pest problem.

Now I'm back in North Dakota, where my mother taught me to grow roses, and do you think I can keep them alive here? NO. I've planted easily 24 over the last 11 years, and I have one miniature rose that I've managed to keep alive. This year, by May, it was being attacked by little green creatures that coated each bud and were chomping the leaves. It was also plagued by a white coat of "powedery mildew" on many of its leaves.

I went to the hardware store in despair. I'd already used a systemic fertilized that was supposed to kill pests and mildew and black spot, but clearly it wasn't working. I didn't want to use a Sevin product, because although I know they work well, I have multiple chemical sensitivities and the rosebush is right next to the dogs' fence, and I didn't want to make any of us sick.

The helpful clerk pointed me to Garden Safe. They have several products that address individual garden problems, but the Fungicide 3 is a fungicide (for mildew, rust, and black spot), an insecticide (for aphids, whiteflies, and other critters), and a miticide (for that rose plague, the spider mite). Best of all it is safe for people and animals, and a completely organic product.

I bought the "ready-to-use" spray bottle, since I only have one rosebush, but it also comes as a concentrate so you can spray a lot of roses or other plants. I used it on my roses and also my hollyhocks, since something seems to be munching on their leaves too. After one use, my roses are looking much better. I plan to use it on a pretty regular basis, to prevent any future incursions of pests or fungus. It's a great product for any garden, and I recommend it highly!