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I first bought the Hound Dog Bulb Hound to plant some bulbs at my mother-in-laws. She is in her mid eighties and still loves to putter around her garden. She needs to have garden tools tht are easy to use.

She had moved to a small senior complex where the last tenant had left one neglected rose bush in the small plant able area outside her little patio. The first nice weekend, six of us went over to help get it ready for all the flowers and plants she loved. We got the ground all prepped and by using the Hound Dog Bulb Hound my sister-in-law and I were able to plant the dozen bulbs we brought in much less time than digging them ourselves. The next weekend, my husband and two daughters planted two dozen in the front, leading to her apartment.

We then planted 50 new bulbs on our property as well as used it to dig the holes for ones we separated. It was also used at the church spring clean up and borrowed by both family and friends. After all that use, it is still in new condition!

I was at Home Depot looking for one of those small bulb planters when I stumbled upon the Hound Dog Bulb Hound. It looked well made, easy enough to use and cost less than $30. With a lifetime warranty, I couldn't pass it up!


The Hound Dog Bulb Hound is a standing garden tool that digs planting holes and then easily ejects the soil back where you want it.

To use, you simply place the Hound Dog Bulb Hound over the place you want to plant and step on the little bar. This will push it down to the correct length of 6 inches. The bar not only holds your foot, it lets you know, how far to push it down -- until the bar is level with the ground. Since the bar is on both sides, it works for us lefties as well as all the right handers.

Pulling it up is the only part that requires any strength and even that part is rather easy - well until you are on bulb 50! The Hound Dog Bulb Hound keeps the soil (or hole) in its coring tube until you release it by squeezing on the handle lever. This lets you keep the soil there while you place the bulb, and then allows you to drop it back into the hole - quick and easy!

Note: When you have two people this works even faster - have the first one make the hole, the second one places in the bulb and then the first person drops back in the dirt. Bam, bam, bam you can go really quickly this way.

I have used it on soil that has been turned over and very easy to move as well as more compacted. It does have "saw" like teeth to get through, I doubt it would work in VERY compacted, or un-worked soil.


Weighs less than 5 pounds Has rust-proof finishes Guarantees consistent depth for large plantings Easy on your back Works for transplanting as well • Lifetime guarantee - if it breaks, they replace it