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Garfield Holiday Celebration

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When I was little my grandma always used to tape holiday cartoon shows and movies so that when all us grand kids came over we had something to watch. One of my favorite characters has always been Garfield I guess it got passed on from my dad because he loved Garfield too. My grandma had all the holiday episodes on tape of Garfield, Rudolph, Claymation Christmas and a bunch of others. Since she passed no one can find them so we've been trying to find them for ourselves.

When I saw the dvd at Target I just had to have it. It starts with Halloween where Garfield realizes what day it is and that he can go out and people will hand him candy. He recruites Odie to get himself twice as much and Odie of course sees no problem with it as long as he gets a piece lol They go out as pirates Captain orange beard and his first mate.

They get a good haul and then Garfield decides they should go get more by going across the river to all those houses. They decided to go to this really old house and let themselves in thinking no one is there. This old man is sitting in his arm chair and told them a story about Pirates that burried treasure in the house they were in 100 years ago and that they would return from the grave to get it. After the old man steals their boat pirate ghosts chases them off and they make it safely back home with their loot.

The next one is about Garfield discovering that he has a vet appointment that day and rips it off the calendar hoping John will forget then he sees that Thursday is Thanksgiving. He and John have to go to the store to buy all the good food. Then Garfield ends up going to the vet anywayand finds out he has to be on a diet. In the process John get a date with the vetrinarian.

He invites her over for Thanksgiving dinner. Garfield is hating his diet with Odie trailing him and blowing a whistle every time he tries to break it. On Thanksgiving John clearly knows nothing about making a meal and Garfield is trying his best to mess everything up. The vet decides to skip Garfields diet and give him mild excersise instead since he is healthy and of course that makes Garfields day.

John calls his grandma to help with Thanksgiving dinner so his date goes well and grandma saves the day. Dinner goes well and Johns date goes exceptionally well. Everyone is stuffed and then John decides Odie needs a diet which also makes Garfield happy.

Then comes Christmas this has always been my favorite one. Garfield is excited about the presents but hates visiting the reletives. They pack up all their things and head to the farm for the holidays. His mom, dad, brother and grandma are all there to welcome them.

Garfield and grandma have quite a bit of bonding time and Garfield of course enjoys the Christmas eve feast.They decorate the tree which inspires a lot of "Ooohhhs" and "Aaaahhhs" Everyone heads to bed while Odie goes to work ong his secret present. Garfield follows and in his spying finds a perfect gift for Grandma.

Christmas morning everyone opens presents, Garfield gives the old love letters he finds to Grandma and Odie reveals what he was working on. It is a back scratcher for Garfield in which he says "Christmas it's not about the giving it's not about the getting it's about the loving." They all have a wonderful Christmas.

I'm really glad we were able to find this I've looked for it for years now I need to get my hands on Claymation Christmas, Mickey's Christmas Carol and Frosty the Snowman. This is probably one of my favorite times of the year.