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Garmin 650 Will Get You Where You Want To Go

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As everybody probably knows my kids took me to Nashville for Mother's Day. My son flew in from New York and my daughter and where going to drive in from Michigan (we both love road trips so we thought it would be fun). Neither my daughter or I are very good at directions and don't really care to read maps (well ok we are not very good at reading maps!). I knew kind of how to get down there but my concern was finding the airport to pick up my son, finding the hotel and other things we wanted to do when we were down there.

After reading many of the GPS reviews on Shared Revieew :) I deiceded it was time for me to get a GPS. I decided on the Garmin. What I didn't expect when I went to the site was all the different models. I have never owned nor used a GPS so I was kind of flying by the seat of my pants! After some searching and investigating I decided on the Garmin 650. It was a lower end model of the wide screen. I really liked the idea of the wide screen. With age vision is one of the first things to go, so for me the bigger the better.

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical of this thing but I was soon proven wrong. This is the most wonderful tool invented. I set the Garmin for the Nashville airport off we went. The screen was very easy to read and the audible was actually enjoyable to listen to. We had it set on the Eglish Jeff on the way down, and the Austrailan Jeff on the way back. They give you quite a few choices of voices to choose from, along with different languages. It gave you the amount of miles you need to travel before the next turn and what I really found helpful was it would tell you that you would be turning right or left. This way you knew ahead of time which lane you needed to be in. Very helpful on a busy highway that you are not familiar with.

We realized that we were going to get there way too early so we dicided to stop for the night. Normally finding a hotel on a trip can be trying if not frustating, not so with the Garmin, we had our choice of about 30 different hotels within a 12 mile radius. Gave us pefect directions and never got us lost. In the morning we just hit continue to our destination and off went.

It can find rest areas for you, gas stations, atm, places to eat, just about anything you want. I really like the idea of never feeling lost. If you do miss a turn it will recalculate and get you back on track. If you are not using it to get somewhere you can just set it to map and it will show you where you are, streets coming up and the speed you are going.

Best little investment I have ever made. When I got back, my mom and dad wanted to go to greenhouse that they had never been to, I just put the address in and gave them the Garmin and off they went. My mom loves it and wants to get one! Now if an 80 year old woman can use this, it has to be easy!

It is very portable, I have had no problems with it finding the satellite. I keep mine in the car plugged into my lighter so I am not sure how long the battery life is, but that isn't a real concern of mine because I plan on ony using it in the car only.