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Garmin C330 Gps

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By Dawn Wiley on
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I purchased the Garmin C330 because I was driving in Miami and with traffic jams and detours I was constantly getting lost. I have a friend who advised me that Garmin is the only GPS company who has a contract with the government. Basically, what this means is that if we are in war and satellites need to be disabled for security purposes, Garmin is the only GPS system that will continue to work.

The first year that I had the Garmin it worked great. There were only rare instances when the address did not come up properly, but it got me in the general area. Some of the stores had relocated or it was a new business that had been built.

Now that I have had it for 3 years, I'm having a lot of difficulty with it. It won't hold a charge at all. It must be plugged in to be used and if for some reason I hit a bump and it comes unplugged, it immediately shuts down. Another issue I am having is the fact that it sometimes takes 20-30 MINUTES to locate the satellite. This is also happening to my fiance's Garmin as well, so I'm wondering if it is a manufacturing issue.

All in all, it worked great, but after using it for 3 years, I think the life span is no longer any good for it.

I did contact customer service and they told me to update the software which I did, but it hasn't improved anything. I keep meaning to call back, I just haven't done so yet.