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Garmin Portable Friction Mount

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By marie17183 on
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Could there be a better GPS dashboard mount than the Garmin Portable Friction Mount? I very much doubt it. Portable, inexpensive, easy to use and no installation required; the dashboard mount is a perfect solution to GPS car installation.

Features of the Garmin Portable Friction Mount.

The Garmin friction mount is essentially a beanbag that sits on your dashboard with nothing else holding it on. The GPS unit is attached to an arm that is then slotted into a mount attached to the mount. This was the deal breaker for me; all the other friction mounts use suction cups to attach the unit to the mount; mine never worked.

The friction mount can be placed anywhere on the dashboard, even if the dashboard is sloping, and it will stay put. I tested the mount to beyond normal working limited (heavy breaking, swerving etc, (in a safe environment of course)) and it stayed put.

One of the best points of all is that once you are finished with the mount you can remove it from the dashboard and place it in your bag or glove compartment, leaving no traces for thieves to see. With other units, even ones that stick to the windscreen, they leave obvious marks which thieves will take advantage of.

Any bad points?

Not much that I can think of; except if you are taking the unit abroad you may have an interesting time at airport security. The mount contains small metal ball bearings, which may make it a little more difficult to get through security. However, I am aware of this not being too much of a problem. It is ideal for car hire as there is no permanent installation needed.

The Garmin Portable Friction Mount is ideal if you are having problems getting your GPS to stay put, or you don't want a permanent solution for fixing a GPS to your car.