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Garmin Really Knows Their Gps'

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By malcolmreynolds on
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I've used pretty much every type of GPS you can imagine, including the old-school monochrome GPS that only told you how to get somewhere if you've already been there once with it. This device far outscores tom-tom and a number of other GPSs i've used, including military-grade guidance systems designed for navy vessels. Garmin is the only company that understands that 90% of all users just want to get into their car, turn on their GPS, punch in their destination and forget asbout the rest. The also realize that the other 10% of us want to be able to customize the HUD, the look, sound and feel of the GPS, and the best way to get from point A to point B. The most genius aspect of this GPS is the mounting device. Unlike most radar detectors, with strict suction cups, this GPS has a suction cup and a lever that compresses or decompresses the cup, creating immense pressure when you actually put it on your windshield. This thing has NEVER fallen off my windshield, but to take it off, all you need to do is release the latch. The best part of the actual apparatus is the accuracy of the touch screen. The most frusturating thing about touch screen displays is their inaccuracies, and the proximity of the buttons. Garmin really nailed it with their touch screen though.

Negative aspects: After I updated the maps, it would arbitrarily point me in the absolute wrong direction, like on a trip down south, it would have me going easzt for 400 miles to get on a highway with a speed limit that was higher. I soft reset fixed that, however, and from what I can gather, it was an isolated incident (no one else with the GPS seemed to have experienced the same problem).