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Garmin Street Pilot Gps A Solid Choice

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dave By dave on
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In my year of owning the StreetPilot c330 from Garmin, I've come to understand its nuances and have a firm idea how it works. (It also helped me figure out where I needed to go many times while traveling).

I can wholeheartedly recommend the Garmin StreetPilot c330 for almost all needs.

Question: Can it help me find specific places?

Answer: Yes. It's great at that -- what I like about this is you can select an address to drive to, you can see an overall map, OR you can click through to a bunch of screens to narrow down to, say, Restaurants > Italian > (insert favorite Italian place). Everything is arranged in an order by what's closest to you. It has a pretty up to date list of locations, too. I really appreciated it.

Question: Can you read the display well?

Answer: Yes. At least I found it easy to read, including while driving. The display is colorful, and also adjusts to whether it is daytime or nighttime for increased readability.

Question: How is the size and mount?

Answer: Kinda awkward mounting, but the size is good enough to hold in your hand while driving. The mount uses a suction cup to stick to the glass (it doesn't work that well when you take it off and put it on regularly, say to remove it from sight when away from the car.)

I found the mount to be awkward and difficult, and nowadays I just put the GPS system in the passenger seat and read it while driving while holding it in my hand. This thing is too awkward to fit in your pocket for walking around with though.

Question: How is the battery life?

Answer: Pretty good. It hasn't run out on me yet, but I usually

Question: How is the mapping?

Answer: Pretty good, BUT watch out. Just like any GPS, there are some quirks involved. The Garmin GPS has told me to make left turns where it is prohibited, or told me to turn onto farm access roads that are closed. The system wants to have you go its route so you might get stuck with it telling you "do a U-Turn ! Go back to this intersection!" when in fact the "intersection" is a bridge overpass, so you can't physically turn onto the road going underneath it. If you are in a city grid and miss a turn, it is pretty good about recalculating a new route using the roads available. If you are out in the rural areas of town, it might mislead you only because the mapping doesn't know about physical restrictions - it just sees one road touches another, so it "must" be connected.

This is problematic when you really need another route to get there, but the GPS insists you go back to an impossible road crossing so you are following the path the GPS wants you on. I think this is something most /all GPS systems have a problem with though.


I've found the Garmin StreetPilot c330 to be incredibly helpful for navigation and would recommend it. I do not believe there is a much better offering than this one, and Garmin puts out a quality product from what I can tell.