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Gary Fisher Cobia Review

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By livestrong793 on
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This 29er bike is a great buy for anyone who loves rugged trails with lots of things to run over. I bought this bike about 6 months ago, and it has been great for me. I'm a somewhat relaxed rider, but I like to enjoy myself when I am riding. First, let me run through some of the pros of this bike: 1. It has a lot of power. You can get over just about any obstacle on any trail. 2. Once you get going, the bigger wheels will allow you to ride with greater speed. 3. This bike allows you to be extremely aggressive when riding on trails. 4. This bike is very durable and holds up well on rigorous trails. There are plenty more pros that I can't think of at the moment, but let me get to some of the cons: 1. This bike is not very easy to maneuver if you are not too experienced with mountain bikes. 2. Because the bike is longer, you might feel a little less in control than you would if you were riding a standard 26 inch bike. 3. Also, your bike wheel might slide and skid a little easier because it is a longer distance from the front of the bike to the bike. 4. You might want to consider upgrading your components. The brakes aren't too bad, but they became a little difficult for me. 5. This bike might be slightly too expensive if this is going to be your first mountain bike. There are some other nice mountain bikes that are more affordable. Overall, this was a great buy for me. I love being able to ride aggressively and climb hills with ease. The maneuverability is a little rough, but it gets a little easier every time you ride. I would definitely recommend this bike to someone who is serious about mountain biking and loves attacking trails to have a great time!