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Ge 169100 Toaster Finally, A Good Toaster

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Looking for a good toaster that won’t break the bank- we think this one might be it!

We’ve been through two toasters over the course of the years. The first one got so you had to stand by and push the toast up so it wouldn’t burn. The next one got so you had to stand by and hold the button down so that it would toast.

Determined to find something better than the $6.99 junk toasters at the various drugstores, we found this GE Toaster at Wal-Mart. We’ve had it three weeks and so far I like everything except the shape.

There is the standard dial type knob for browning settings from 1 to 7. But there are some new features as well:

The toaster has a setting for defrost. You can put frozen bread or toaster pastries in a slot, depress the toasting lever, and then push the defrost button. This will apply enough heat to defrost the item and then turn off. The dial knob also works on this setting.

There is also a setting for bagels and English muffins. Use it the same way as defrost, but it applies heat to only one side of the item (face the cut side toward the elements that heat). The dial knob also works on this setting.

There is a setting to reheat which lights the element for about 20 seconds, so the dial knob does not work on this setting.

Each of these buttons has a blue light to show you when that function is in use.

One more button is the cancel button. Instead of forcing the toasting lever up if you want to pop the item, you push this button. We are sure hoping that this prevents this feature from wearing out, since this was the first thing to go on our two previous toasters.

The crumb tray slides out the long way on the end opposite from the buttons.

The only thing that I don’t like about the toaster is the shape. It is chunky and rounded, and takes up more counter space than its function requires. There is also a decoratively shaped seam where the side panel fits on the toaster that seems like it is just made for capturing sticky globs of jelly and other messy foods which will then be difficult to clean up.

This is a two-slot toaster, so it might not be adequate for large families.

There is a limited 2-year warranty. GE will replace the toaster for any defect in material or workmanship.

Update On Mar 27, 2010: We are very sad to report that this toaster has developed a problem. The button that you push down to lower the bread will no longer stay depressed. Hubby is hoping that the company will make good on it, but it seems to have lasted just one month beyond the 2-year warranty, so the probably won't. We REALLY liked this toaster while it lasted. Does anyone make a good toaster any more?