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Ge 40 40watt Light Bulb Review

Reviewing: Ge Reveal 40 Light Bulbs (4 Pack)  |  Rating:
jrm5035 By jrm5035 on
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If you're like me, you hate the generic, disgusting light output by a standard incandescent bulb. "Soft white" isn't white at all, it's yellow. Because of this, I went out of my way to find a better solution. One option that I chose was the reveal 40 lightbulbs, by GE.

These have a higher temperature filament (6800K), in addition to a slight exterior tint to the bulb, to give off a more pure white, similar to those given off by certain compact flourescents, as well as Xenon / Sodium lights.

The advantage is clear, a more natural appearance of light, yet there are numerous drawbacks as well. With the lowered cost of CF bulbs, it really doesn't make sense anymore to buy any form of incandescent. The power consumption is higher, the lifetime is far shorter, and the light output is much lower for the same equivalent wattage. The only real reason to buy this bulb is if you have a strong detestment towards compact flourescents, in which case this is the superior incandescent. Overall, spring for the extra dollar or two and get CFBs, these simply aren't worth it.