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Ge 6,000 Btu 9.7 Eer Ac With Remote

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We have a couple of older air conditioners that are not only not energy efficient but are back breaking monsters. Because of the difficulty maneuvering them, they remained in the basement all last summer… ugh!

With the newer air conditioners coming out in light compact models we decided to take a look and see what was out there. After an online search we went to several stores, including Bernie’s and Bjs, and ended up deciding on a General Electric from Sams Club that cost just over $138.

Besides the compact size there were several features that attracted us to this model. One of the features is that this air conditioning unit has a digital face. The digital face allows us to set the exact temperature that we want, instead of using a knob or lever. The thermometer in our bedroom (where we installed the unit) shows the same temperature as the units read out.

Another feature that we love is that the filter can be easily lifted out of the front of the unit without opening it! It is so easy, it just takes seconds to pop out the filter, rinse it off, wave it around a bit and then pop it back in! I have allergies, so being able to rinse the filter more often without going through a song and a dance is really a big deal.

Next, there is the remote control. It is just so much easier for me to operate the AC at a touch of a button. The remote control has all of the features available, including the energy efficient setting and the sleep timer. Yes, there is a sleep timer! The sleep timer feature allows you to set the AC to either go on or off from anywhere between 1 and 24 hours. So those of you who want to AC to shut off after you fall asleep or have it turn on before you get home, this can happen!

The energy saver feature is really to be used when no one is in the room. What is does is that instead of switching to fan mode when the compressor goes off it goes into idle mode with no fan running. For me the air circulation in the room when the compressor is off is a big thing, so we do not use this feature when in the room.

Now for the negatives….

This unit is a closed unit. There is no way to run this unit in fan mode sucking in the outside air, it only sucks in the air from inside the room. This can be a problem on cool nights when we do not want to run the AC and would prefer to use it as a fan. Not a huge deal, but a bit inconvenient.

The other thing that is annoying is that the louvers (or vents) will adjust from side to side but not up and down. Due to the placement of the AC this can be a big pain as there is no way to focus the air a bit higher or lower… which means that the air is sometimes blowing just over us while sleeping, which is really annoying. We may have to tape a little cardboard under the vent to focus the air a bit more.

Overall this is a nice unit at a good price.