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Ge 7.0 Cu. Ft Electric Clothes Dryer

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Is it fair to say I am in love with a dryer? Well, fair or not, I have to say that for one of the more economical electric dryers on the market, if you are looking for a relatively basic model that you throw clothes into and before you can snuggle up on the sofa and get even part way through a good movie, has finished it's job, then the GE electric clothes dryer will fit the bill and leave you with money to spend on some of your more favorite things.

Our dryer had been dying for a few years but my husband who is terrific at "McGiver-ing" things, making things that shouldn't be able to work, work like a charm, had already replaced the bearings in it twice and finally a few weeks ago, it was taking it's sweet time to dry a load of clothes, almost 2 hours for one. For what it would cost to replace the parts this time, we figured perhaps just replacing the entire machine was the easiest route.

Laundry isn't my favorite past time and as the laundry room isn't located in a part of the house where visitors ever need to go, I decided that pretty looks and cool bells and whistles weren't necessary. I certainly didn't want to have to read a 50 page manual to learn how to clean the lint screen either so although I was attracted to the likes of the new and improved dryers on the market, I decided that I wanted to have a bit of change left over after my purchase and a no frills machine would do just fine.

This dryer is quite basic, it offers 6 different settings including three levels for each cotton/perma press/knits etc. with 4 different heat levels and for each setting you can choose to let the machine sense when the load is done or you can select the timed cycle for anywhere from 10 minutes to 90.

There are no digital displays and all knobs are clearly labeled on the top panel of the dryer and simply turn to change or start the machine.

The interior of the dryer is massive! So much so that 2 washer loads together are nothing for this machine to handle in one take. I have several huge comforter sets and have always hated doing them because the old dryer only allowed me to cram one at a time into it and it never seemed to dry the entire thing in one cycle.

My first test with the new dryer was to see how it actually tackled these. Toss in one comforter...room for another? You bet! Even threw in a pair of jeans and a couple of tops! The only ones that I couldn't do two at a time were the really over stuffed ones, of which I have a few but still the less bulky comforters two at a time dried well under 40 minutes and the large stuffed ones took slightly longer.

I began a full laundry at 10:00 on Sunday morning (we'd not done laundry for days because we hadn't been able to get the old machine to dry quickly enough) and by 3 that afternoon practically every piece of cothing, bedding and towelling was washed, dried and put away! A feat that had normally taken us a good full day or more previously.

I'm not certain how the EnerGuide actually rates these machines but this particular dryer comes with a 898 kw rating. It's one of the lowest ones we could find with the next lowest coming it at 900 kws.

The lint screen is so simple to clean, it's tucked in front of the dryer's door and damp fingers swept along it, clears the lint in a snap. It is also right there, to remind you to clean it before each load. Simple. The tray also removes to give it a thorough washing when it's needed.

With the sensor dry feature, the dryer automatically stops when the load is dry, no more running til the clothes are fire hot! It also has a cool down feature which leaves the load feeling snuggly warm. Cottons and other clothing susceptible to wrinkles come out wrinkle free and that in itself is a bonus for me as I hate ironing!

Despite the machines huge capacity it takes up little floor space and tucked in nicely to the same space where the older dryer had been. It's only 27" wide but it's a Commercial grade machine with a heavy duty drum and workings so if it is even half as dependable as the older machine was, I'll be happy. It's whisper quiet technology is a welcome to my youngest daughter who always complained about the noise of the other dryer as her room is situated down the hall from the laundry room.

For a retail price of just $399, the machine is a real bargain.

The door is large, the opening huge and all I have to do is play "chuck" and I can just throw the clothes in without any problem. Unloading the dry clothes is easy as well and the machine includes a lit interior so no more groping around to ensure I got that last wayward sock. With the door open you can easily see the entire interior. The door is also reversible although we've just left it as is for now.

If you're on a budget or you're like I am and just don't need the sexy looking machines to do the job because no one but you ever sees them? This dryer is a great way to save money, time and hydro costs. The only problem I have now is that my washer needs to be able to accomodate the same sized loads the dryer can as right now it takes two washer loads to even make it worthwhile to run the dryer - that's the next purchase on the list I think.