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Ge Energy Smart Dimmable Fluorescent Bulb Fails

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Although this fluorescent bulb is technically able to be dimmed, it really doesn’t work very well, and it was really expensive.

One of the big problems with the new “curly-que” fluorescent bulbs is that you can’t use them in fixtures that are on dimmer switches. We had heard that there were new ones that were able to be used in these fixtures. Our local Meijer didn’t carry any, but we found them at a larger Meijer in Grand Rapids. The cost was $14.99 for one bulb! Of course, these are meant to last a long time... this one says up to 6 years. What that really means is with 4 hours of use a day, or a total of about 9000 hours. It is 15 W, which is the equivalent of a 60 W regular bulb.

This might be a reasonable price if it really worked well. It doesn’t.

It does not dim nearly as much as regular light bulbs, and when it hits some level, it begins blinking. You can see this if you watch the video. The incandescent bulb on the left dims to yellow and orange, while the fluorescent one doesn’t dim much at all. Then you can see that it suddenly goes out and starts blinking.

One morning the husband turned it down as low as it would go to take a nap at his desk, and when he woke up it was blinking, so the internal conditions can apparently change, perhaps with its temperature. It seems like the blinking would shorten its life.

All in all, we aren’t very happy with this at all.