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Ge Profile Harmony Washer And Dryer Set

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By bhappy on
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Our old washer and dryer were 13 years old and really needed to be replaced. After doing research and looking at a lot of differnt sets, we decided on the GE Profile Harmony set. With 7 people in our household, our washer and dryer get use a lot. The GE Harmony washer is a front load machine and it had the biggest capacity of all of the washers we looked at which was very important to us. It also uses a lot less water than our old washer. One of the best features is the delay setting. I can put the clothes in at night and set the washer to start anywhere from 1 hour to 11 hours later. When I wake up in the morning, I have already done a load of wash and it is ready to go in the dryer! Another great thing is that the dryer actually keeps up with the washer. I was always waiting for the clothes to dry while I had another load done in the washing machine with my old set. Now the dryer is often finished before the washer! They also display how many minutes are left until the clothes are done. The washer also "talks" to the dryer. They are connected by a cable so when the washer is done and I move the clothes to the dryer, a signal is sent and the dryer knows what type of clothes are going in and it automatically sets the temperature and time. I can change the settings if I need to, but I rarely have had to.

There are only a few small negatives to the GE Harmony set. The one thing is that the clothes do get twisted together in the wash because of the way the machine spins the clothes. I really only have problems with sheets or pants being tangled up, but it is just a little annoying sometimes untangling the clothes. The only other issue I have found is that if I do a load of things that all need to hang to dry, the washer does not know this and still sends a signal to the dryer. Then I need to wait a few seconds for the signal to be sent before I can program the washer for the next load. This is only for a few seconds so it is not a real problem at all, but it can be slightly annoying if I am in a big hurry. The cable can be disconnected, but the convenience it gives me is well worth the few seconds I sometimes need to wait. These are very minor issues, but I thought I would mention them as they are the only negatives that I could think of.

The washer has a removeable compartment for the detergent. I can take it out if I want to and fill it without dealing with measuring out detergent in a separate cup. It is also easier to keep clean and it is also very quiet. The dryer is a front loader and it has a see through door. I am not embarrassed to admit that I enjoy seeing the clothes spinning around in there! The lint trap is located on the front just inside the door, and it is very easy to clean. My old set had a dial and a start button. It was a big change going to the touch screen with so many options, but they even have a help button on the control pad! This set is very user friendly.

I love the GE Harmony series, and I highly recommend them.