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Gears Of War 2 Review

Reviewing: Epic Games Gears Of War 2  |  Rating:
By mikeys-thoughts on
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The graphics in the game are fantasic as I have no complaints. I heard there identical to the first Gears of War but I hardly even touched that game so I'm new to the series.


The sound is fantastic as well as your team-mates talk to one another. Such as from your Team-mates when things get intense such as "Take It!" or a Redneck sounding team-mate saying "Lets Get To It."sounds funny and can't help but imitate it. The background music can get annoying though while trying to find an online match. I would feel better putting it on mute at these times. Also a good thing about the game is useing your head phones to communicate with your online buddies to develop proper skill with one another during an online match.

The Controls:

The Controls were ok in the game but nothing to marvel about. I feel somehow they could have made the controls in the game better. When I asked people to compare Gears of War 2 with the original they did say that the original had more of a fluid motion when moving around rather than feeling like your were skipping when moving in Gears of War 2. The frame rate when moving in Gears of War 2 can look uneven at times especially when I'm playing it online.


Gears of War 2 is a very fun and addicting game for me. I've definitely got my moneys worth. If you like shooting games that are violent and action packed than this is the way to go. This is the most fun game i've ever played online and theres plenty of Xbox Live members to play it with online. Theres so many who play this game online you should never have problems finding people no matter what time it is. I can't tell you how many all-nighters I've had playing this game with people online.

Favorite Online Game Mode:

My Favorite game mode online would have to be Annex Mode. The objective of the match is to take control of a circle and defend it for a total of 180 seconds. The circle changes locations several times throughout the match unlike King of the Hill Game Mode. Your moving around a great deal in the match which is why I enjoy it so much.Infinite Respawns are also a great part of Annex Mode as it makes for a longer and more intense match unlike Execution Mode and Wingman Mode Where if you die once its over.

King of the Hill Mode:

This is also very fun to play online. The circle you capture stays in 1 place the whole round unlike Annex Mode. Also you take control of the circle for a total of 120 seconds to win the round instead of the 180 with Annex Mode.

Wingman Mode and Execution Mode:

I really don't enjoy playing these 2 matches online as they end too quickly. If you die once your done for the match. You don't get to respawn like Annex or King of the Hill Mode.

Locust Horde Mode:

Locust Horde is probably the Highlight of playing Gears of War 2 online. The Locust Horde Match can keep going on and on as long as you win each round. You play against the Locust Horde with 4 other team-mates having to defeat all of the Horde before going to another round. Each round gets more difficult as tougher enemies appear and more of them show up in number. Everytime you(r) team beats 10 rounds the Locust will be able to take more damage the next 10 rounds and so on. The highest round i've gotten to is round 33 and than I got bored and quit. No matter what battleground you choose to duke it out in Locust Horde Mode with your team theirs always a sweet spot where your squad can gather and protect each other from the Horde when things start to get really tough.

Story Mode:

Story Mode was good to play. The only part I didn't enjoy and didn't quite understand was the last stage of the game. The last stage totally disconnected from the rest of the storymode like it was almost like I was playing another game. It felt like I jumped straight into playing Armored Core, lol.

Favorite Online Battle Ground:

My favorite battle ground to play at is called Blood Drive.

This is a Guy Game Mostly:

Theres no doubt this is a game made for guys and is too brutal for most women to enjoy.

My Favorite Weapon To Use:

I really like useing the Scorcher in the game as accuary is not required as I toast my competition with its Flames. I can basicly be running from an enemy in the game and the Scorcher Flames will reach a quite a distance that my enemy can still be walking and the flames can still get to me really easy. This is also one of the reason I prefer to use the Scorcher.

Easiest Way To Get A Kill:

The easiet way to get a kill would be to use your Lancer Assault Rifle that has a Chainsaw added to it to saw somebody in half. Be warned though as its also the easiest way to get killed especially onine as you will probably be sawed next or put down with a Shotgun.

The Gernades:

The cool thing about using the gernades in the game or online is you can be creative and tag them anywhere so when an enemy runs by it will go off like a landmine. You can even tag them to your enemies. 2 types of gernades availible in the game are the Frag Gernade(Explodes)and the Ink Gernade(releases poison gas).


This is 1 of the Best Xbox 360 games. Its been out for a while now but the price is sure to be down. If you don't have it than this is a Buy It for sure if you don't mind violent games.