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Gears Of War Not Close To Perfect

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By drazenx on
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I was able to get my hands on a copy of Gears of War for the xbox 360, probably the most anticipated third person shooter of all time. The first thing you see when you load up the first mission, is the most beautiful graphics of any console game ever to be released. The textures and player models are crisp, and the lighting and shadows are perfect. But graphics alone can't save this game from its single player failure. There are only 5 levels, each of which are very short, and can be completed in a miniscule amount of time. The game is not even that hard to complete on the hardest difficulty. To top it all off, the story is an absolute mess. Offline multiplayer is also a drag, because you can only do 1v1. Luckily, the online multiplayer makes up for the loss. Over Xbox Live, you can do co-op with a buddy. Also, 4v4 games are offered in a variety of gametypes, including Execution, Warzone, and Annex. The game requires strategy, and the lack of any ranking system makes the online learning curve very high, which may anger some players. There is also a tremendous amount of LAG. The multiplayer maps though, are mostly perfect, and look very nice also. All in all, this game is probably worth renting for the multiplayer alone. If you like it, then go ahead and buy it, but with a disappointing single player, I don't know if it is worth paying $60 for.