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Gears Of War, Still One Of The Best.

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By yodagonemad on
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Gears of War is now creeping into it's second year on the market, but it still remains arguably the best looking game available. Gears of War is different from most shooters in that it is fast 3rd person tactical shooting action. Now it may seem like such a description isn't possible. Generally tactical means slow, and a great 3rd person shooter is pretty rare. However, Gears fills that description perfectly, with smooth and fast cover mechanics complemented by fun and satisfying weapons. At it's heart Gears is pretty simple, with only a handful of weapons and maneuvers, but the near perfect balance and depth of the way these are used makes it one of the deepest action games available. The single player, which you can play online or in-person co-op with another player, is relatively short (8-12 hours) but a blast to play. The achievements add enough depth for multiple runs through the campaign, and it never gets old jumping online with a buddy to play a little Gears campaign. The multiplayer is were a lot of players spend the majority of their time however, with a large variety of interesting maps plus the near perfect balance i mentioned earlier Gears is one of the best online games i have played since Counter Strike. Even today, after the release of such multiplayer juggernauts as COD4 and Halo 3, Gears online is still buzzing with players and activity and is one of the few multiplayer games that i pick back up every few months to play again, just because it is so fun and deep and balanced but fast and interesting at the same time.

I would deffinately recomend Gears of War to every 360 owner, it is a fantastic game both on and offline, and is sure to be a corner stone franchise for the Xbox 360 going forward. If you own a 360, you owe it yourself to play Gears of War.