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We've all seen the little gecko lizard on the GEICO commercials and personally, the Cave Men were my favorites. But we've been GEICO customers for almost 20 years. Now this wasn't consecutive years during this time, as we did shop around and try out companies who claimed to have the lowest insurance but when it came to customer service, nobody could beat our experiences with GEICO.

GEICO used to be offered to military personnel, government, and federal employees. It actually stood for "Government Employees Insurance Company". I had this insurance when I was a government employee and saddened when I left my job and had to drop it. That changed for me just a couple years later in our area when it opened up to everyone. But ever since the introduction of the "Gecko", the acronym took hold over the long name.

There was a period in time when our monthly payments were fluctuating quite a bit and even though we got it corrected with a phone call, I wasn't wishing to deal with it because it seemed every month I was calling. I had been use to my monthly car insurance payments with State Farm always being the same. This method still doesn't make much sense to me even today, but for us, with two cars to insure - they are definitely lower than others and saved us WAY more than 15%. We had been with Kemper and when they sold to another firm around 2003 (I believe it was) our insurance premium more than doubled! And we didn't have any claims, accidents or reasons for this increase. My husband was so thrilled to call them and say, "We have switched to GEICO and saved MORE than 15%!"


When I had a car accident years ago, my car was co-signed by my dad, who had Geico and I had Progressive. I had just signed for my car and after shopping I headed home. A truck suddenly stopped in front of me and then a car behind me didn't stop and rear ended me - crushing my brand new car, knocking down a light pole that just missed my car and the street light "bowl" just missed my car roof, which would have crushed me - my car was totalled. That woman who hit me hit my car so hard that her car literally went airborn and flew past me, landing a good 400 feet ahead of the accident scene! (I know my life was saved that day by God's hand - no doubt). Progressive was very disappointing during this time. The car loan had not even yet been turned in and they would only cover all but $5000! So I was left with paying for a car loan that wasn't even officially active. But GEICO stepped in to help out because of my dad being a co-signer. I had never heard of such a thing. Granted, they didn't handle my whole claim but did help pay for some medical expenses. I was so surprised that they paid towards some of my medical care and only because my dad has cosigned. Progressive did handle most of my medical expenses, but not all.

After that, we went back to GEICO and have been there for 7 years straight now. What I love most is the monthly payment plan they offer. We have the 6 payment plan but the way they work it, we pay for 4 months and have 2 months off until it starts a new 6-month policy. You can also pay a year in advance or 6 months in advance. I am just so use to the 4 months of payments and 2 months off, that I can schedule my other bills around it. It may not sound like much but it realls helps us out financially this way.

The website is easy to navigate and has definitely been improved over the years. Normally if I have a change, such as a change in address which will effect our payments, I prefer to call Customer Service. I have never had a rude representative yet. You do have to sign out of your account while on the phone with them - that's bit of a pain because you can't see your online policy until they log out. But at least I know they are making the correct changes for me and also offer me the ability to make adjustments, like when we paid off our car and didn't need the lender on there any longer. In Florida, we have to be transferred to their Special Agents because of Florida's laws. Apparently there are special licenses an Agent must have in order to even talk to you in our state. But that doesn't interfere with my call time.

You can also print your insurance card(s) by having them E-mailed to you and/or choose to have them mail them to you. I prefer to print and then I have them immediately.


Like other insurance companies, you can choose whatever deductible and coverage you want. We even have towing included and medical benefits. These may seem like a waste of money each month, but in the end - IF you ever have an accident - you WILL be glad you had these. As far as a deductible goes, right now we chose $1, 000 but hope to go back to a $500 deductible. But in today's world, it's better to even scrape up $1000 towards repairs than paying for all of it.

We are definitely happy with GEICO and I pray that I never have to use them for an accident. But we DO carry a higher coverage like the 100, 000/300, 000/100, 000 or 100/300/100 coverage. I would recommend not carrying anything less than that because in my experience with my accident, even though car insurance is reguired here, the woman who hit me had 4 driver's licenses and NO insurance. That's right - 4 driver's licenses from 3 different states and one island somewhere. She even went as far as sending me a letter releasing her of liability. No, I didn't release her or pursue her. This meant she had no liability insurance or coverage at all and therefore my insurance had no insurance to go after because she had none. But we have to have unisured motorist coverage here and let me tell you - it's definitely worth it. But that's also why you need to have higher coverage because it helps if you need Chiropractic and/or Orthopedic care. And it does help in car repairs or when you need a replacement.

Another reason I believe in higher coverages is that here in Florida and especially Central Florida near the tourist areas, we have lots of people from other countries and many of them don't take out separate insurance when visiting the states. If you are ever involved in an accident with someone from another country here and they aren't insured here with the car rental company - you are stuck with a huge bill. It happened to our friend's son.

So be wise and safely covered when out driving that car. You never know if that person in front, behind or beside you is texting while driving, talking on the phone, yelling at the kids or totally unfocused on their surroundings. Be safe out there!