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Genderbending Fun!

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Jennifer Tang By Jennifer Tang on
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This is a Korean Drama that discusses the controversial issue of homosexuality while still giving the family something entertaining to watch. The main character Eun Chan, who has always been mistaken as a boy, must work many jobs to support her poor family. She needs the money so badly that when Han Kyul, a spoiled rich boy about to become 30, is forced to go to arranged marriage meetings, she agrees to become his false gay lover to scare away all of the girls. Han Kyul doesn't know Eun Chan is a girl, which helps her land a job at the cafe Han Kyul opens called Coffee Prince, but what happens when she is surrounded by other "princes" working at the shop and slowly falling in love with the dense Han Kyul?

I really love this drama. It is the second Korean drama I've watched recently. The plot is very cute and I found myself laughing at many parts while blushing and freaking out at awkward moments. The main character, Eun Chan, really looks like a man (though the actress is female) so she fools others easily, though it is obvious for others. There are repeating moments such as Eun Chan's defiance which leads to many firings by Han Kyul as well as confusion in Han Kyul's feelings for Eun Chan which leads to him having an almost love-hate relationship.