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Gentle Germ Protection

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With my mom being a rehab patient in a nursing home for a couple of months now, I felt it was very important to have a hand sanitizer near her bed. Having a broken hip on the mend, has prevented her from getting to soap and water as often as she would like. So I bought her a bottle of Lysol Healthy Touch Gentle Hand Sanitizer Foam.

I have to admit that we both prefer the Bath and Body Works Antibacterial Lotions, but those I have to purchase at the mall, and I haven't had much time to shop there lately. So we settled on the next best solution for now--a gentle foaming hand sanitizer, recommended by dermatologists.

The sanitizer contains moisturizers, and claims to kill 99.9% of germs. (That's a pretty decent claim.) You simply pump the container, and the foam begins to bubble a little. Then you wipe your hands together until the foam is gone, and there is no need to rinse. It does not feel sticky or greasy, and it does seem to be a little more moisturizing than some of the hand sanitizers I have used. (The smell is certainly more pleasant.)

Like all hand sanitizers, other than the antibacterial lotions I mentioned from Bath and Body Works, it does leave your skin feeling somewhat dry. I guess there's just no escape from this, when alcohol is one of the main sanitizing ingredients.

Still, all in all, I am thankful for these relatively new hand sanitizers, that can protect against germs, when water is not easily available. (I always carry one in my purse as well.) Lysol Healthy Touch Foaming Hand Sanitizer comes in a medium sized bottle, as well as a small bottle, which is very convenient for your office, car or luggage.