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George Brett: Last Of A Breed His Journey To The Baseball Hall Of Fame

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George Brett was not your average baseball player. He was something very special, though the beginning of his career didn't give any indication as to how good he would eventually become. He loved the game and wanted to be as good as he could possibly be. He gave his all, which often resulted in injuries that put him on the disabled list. No one could ever claim that he was not fun to watch.

Coming from a family of 4 boys, George was very competetive. Being the youngest of those boys meant he got picked on a lot, so he had to try harder to hold his own. With a father who always found fault, he was always working hard to win his approval. Even when he hit .390, his father was disappointed that it wasn't better.

In these days of multi-millionaires and steroids, it's refreshing to read about a player who just plain worked his butt off to improve. He had a mentor, Charlie Lau, who saw something in him early on and helped him become a better hitter. And boy, did he get better! No one else has won a batting title in 3 straight decades.

George liked to play hard. He never wore batting gloves, which led to calloused hands, something you rarely see today. His popularity with the fans never waned, even during the times when he struggled. The fans knew he was giving his all and that he'd get through it and he always did. He was just as popular with the other players throughout baseball, though many managers hated to see him coming. Some refused to pitch to him, walking him instead of taking a chance on being beat by him. Billy Martin of the Yankees was always looking for an angle to deal with Brett, which led to the famous "Pine Tar Game" that is still shown on sports shows many years after it happened.

This book tells the store of a young man who was drafted by the Kansas City Royals. Being a kid in CA, he wasn't even sure where KC was located, but he soon learned. He spent 20 years with KC and still resides in the KC area today. Follow his journey as he becomes one of the best players of his generation and one of the few who spent his entire career with the same team. If you're a George Brett fan, this book is for you.