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George Forman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine

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crunkyjens By crunkyjens on
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I am a big fan of food cooked on the grill. So when I moved out of my parents house and into my apartment and learned I couldn't have a grill on my patio, I didn't know what to do. Cooking steak or pork in the oven just didn't turn out the same, so I ended up asking for a George Forman Grill for Christmas. I received one of the newest models that has removable plates for easy cleaning. It is the George Forman Next Grilleration 4 Burger Grill. Even though it is specified as a burger grill it can cook steak, chicken, pork, etc just as well.

Every George Forman grill has a unique sloping feature that allows the grease to drain down off the meat which is something I love, as eating healthy is very important to me. When you cook on the stove or in the oven your meat just sits in its' grease when it cooks and I know that is definitely not healthy for you. The grill comes with a unique tray that will slide under which will catch the grease and is also dishwasher safe.

With this George Forman a new feature is that the grilling plates are removable and are also dishwasher safe while with older versions they were not. This is supposed to provide easier cleaning but personally I don't think it is any easier. If you don't clean up the extra grease and meat pieces left over on the grill plate as soon as you pull the meat off, everything cakes on and it is very diffilcult to remove. That means trying to clean it while it is very very hot, which can prove to be tricky at times and has caused me some burns on my fingers. As far as being dishwasher safe it does go through the washer ok but if you leave some pieces of "burnt leftovers" on the grill plate, they do not clean all the way off so when your dishwasher goes through the "heat cycle" it just cakes the debris on even more. So then once it comes out of the dishwasher you are forced to scrape everything off and then reclean it.

Honestly the ease of cleaning is probably the only gripe I have regarding the George Forman. Overall it cooks all meats very well and definitely give them that "just off the grill" taste and look, plus I love the slope to get rid of all the extra grease! I am very happy with this grill and while I continue to live in my apartment it will definitely suffice as my "grill, " but never replace it!