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George To Fast

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Dana Collie By Dana Collie on
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I am a cook, I love cooking. When I buy an appliance it's because I want to cook for my family. Or I buy something that catches my eye and I'll think that would look good in my kitchen. Well I was hoping to buy a George Forman grill forever. That's because I wanted to see what all the hype was about, plus it's supposed to take the fat away from your food that you're cooking. My husband and I went to our local Auction house last Friday night. The Auction house does auctions every Friday so we are regulars. On one of the tables was a George Forman grill. It was still in the box and had all the parts and papers with it. When it went into bidding my husband got it for just 2 dollars. We put into the car with all of our other Auction goodies.

When I got home I scrubbed it really good. I could not get the grill into my sink. It was bulky and the plates would not come out of it so it was even harder to clean because of this.

When I am cooking I like to have all my food done at the same time. So I plugged in both my new grill and my deep fryer. After I switched both on I got my French-Fries and hamburgers out of the freezer. I put the fries on and then put the hamburgers on the grill. I had to turn the grill sideways because it would not open up all the way on my counter. Not even a minute later as I was in the bottom of my fridge getting salad stuff out, and I smelt something burning. It was the burgers!

When I cleaned up the counters there was a big grease spot on the counter by the side of the grill.

Cons for George Forman

- lets out grease on the side

- cooks to fast

- does not have a heat gauge

- does not fit onto a counter top

-when cleaning plates does not come out.

- cannot put cheese onto the burgers.

So I am glad I only spent 2 bucks on something that does not work well