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Get A Crowd Together And Watch The Hilarity Ensue!

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ruledbymercury By ruledbymercury on
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Scattergories is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE board game. It is great for late night get-togethers with friends, when everyone is in the mood for a good time. Everytime we break this game out at parties, it is inevitable that we will end up laughing so hard we cry.

The basics of the game: Someone rolls a very large many-sided die with various letters on it. For each round, everyone has a list of 10 categories. Once the timer starts, everyone must come up with one item for each category that begins with the rolled letter. For example, if the letter rolled is an "M" and the first category on the list for that round is "Boy's Name", you could write down Marvin or Michael or Mark, etc. After the timer goes off and the round is complete, everyone must put down their pens and read their answers for each category. If anyone has matching answers with anyone else, they do not get a point for that category. Only unique answers get points. So your best bet is to get very, very creative with your answers, very often with extremely comical results!

I do wish that this game would come with more expansion packs with more rounds and new categories. I do remember seeing one at a store once, but have not been able to find it since. Other than that, this game is GREAT! Run out and get it NOW!