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Get A Folding Felco For Real Cutting!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This folding Felco 60 pruning saw is retired, and replaced by model 600, but if you want a folding saw that actually cuts branches, get a Felco!

This saw came to our trail club in our original tool kit from the National Park Service. I’ve had the opportunity to use a lot of other brands over the years, and this is simply the best. It actually cuts branches.

Lots of serious hikers simply carry a folding saw as part of their standard equipment in a day pack. If weight is not an issue and the trail is known to be in need of work, sometimes we even take them with us overnight. What with using many of the ones brought by other people, and comparing it to this one, I can say that if I need to buy one of my own, this will be the brand I get.

The blade folds down into the handle, just like a jackknife. When you pull the blade out, there is a clip on the back of the handle that snaps over a hook on the back of the blade and holds it in place so that it won’t fold up while you are using it. The overall open length is just under 14 inches, with 6 inches of toothed blade.

There are several reasons that Felco is superior. The blade is made of high-quality chromed steel. This has been thrown in my daypack for about 10 years, in all kinds of weather and has no rust.

The teeth are serious. They are filed so that each one is beveled on both angles, but in opposite directions- see the closeup. These really tear through limbs. I’ve tried to use saws shaped like this that would hardly cut anything, so don’t be fooled by look-alikes.

The blade is thicker at the toothed edge than at the back. That means that this saw rarely gets stuck in a cut.

Replacement blades can be purchased, and are still available for the 60 model.

The Felco 600 pruning saw sells for just under $30 to almost $45, so shop around.