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Get A Sound Sleep With Conair Sound Therapy

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If you've ever had a child who was a light sleeper, you know how hard it is for either of you to get a decent nights rest! The Conair Sound Therapy with Clock Radio may help solve that problem!

My oldest child had a really hard time staying asleep until we found a teddy bear with a "beating heart" inside. As soon as we would turn it on, she would hear the beating heart and settle right down. We were sold.

When our twins came, we replaced the teddy bear with a sound system that played a variety of sounds as well as a heartbeat. It worked on them as well as our first one and then later, our next child. We only had one problem, and that was when we traveled. The system was too big to take. That is when we found the Conair Sound Therapy with Clock Radio.

While it is not a system built to last through multiple children, it works great for vacations. It has helped us all sleep through many, many nights in hotels, ship cabins etc. While the Conair Sound Therapy with Clock Radio is designed for infants, with a choice of ten sounds, it works for all ages. The ten sound selections are: heartbeat, ocean waves, rainfall, running stream, summer night, songbirds, thunderstorm, tropical forest, waterfall and white noise.

As an added bonus, this system also has an AM/FM Clock Radio. This is a great thing to have when traveling since it allows you to set an alarm to ensure you all get up at the needed time. And if you are really tired, you can always hit the snooze alarm for a few extra z's.

The Conair Sound Therapy with Clock Radio is a great way to ensure you and your kids can get a full nights sleep while traveling. And with the choice of using the AC adapter or batteries, it can be used both inside and outside the US.