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Get Connected Through The Virtual Network

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Now a days internet has become the best way of communicating with each other. We get to talk, share everything we have just through the internet. And the best thing which we can do all day is playing. We get to play on just alone on our computer or by connecting online with lot of gamers out there who are playing online. What if you wanted to play against your buddies or along with them without others being informed of this. You could do this by setting up your own private network. Having a network itself is costly so it is better to set up a virtual network and here i tell you about a software that just allows you to do the thing.

Hamachi is a VPN( virtual private network) software that allows you to connect computers which are remote to each other through a virtual network. The hamachi is a software that allocates you a private ip address that allows you to connect with the others on the private network. If you want all your friends to be a part of the network then just create a network using the software. The hamachi basically gives you a name and password through which you can connect to the network you have just created. This virtual private network allows you to share information through a secure tunnel without even having the worry of the data being lost. It allows your peers to connect to you and lets you do the thing you ought to do.

I use it for playing counter-strike online with my friends who are distant to me. This gives you the freedom of staying at your home and connecting to them via the game play. Another feature that could be mentioned is the chat which even allows you to chat with your buddies through the software. And what is chat without group chat ? yes, the software also allows you to group chat with your buddies online.The software lets your system behave like its present in a LAN(local area network) without really being present in one. This gives you all the capabilities that you can perform in LAN, and I'd like to mention an instance other than gaming in which I used it. Our mini project was based on networking and hence needed more than one system to test the working of the project. Our administrator didn't give us permission to use system in our college so we had to come up with another way. We just connected through hamachi and ran the program which helped us in testing and completing the project.

As far as the security is concerned with Hamachi, it is quite secure but using it with a firewall is a precautionary step as there are far more number of people who are present in with the wrong intention of grabbing the data.

Update On Dec 03, 2010: You can download this through this link. This is a free version hence supports a limited number of people on the same private network, although you can upgrade to make this limitation unlimited.