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Get Fast Internet On The Go

Reviewing: Novatel / Verizon Wireless Usb727 Wireless Modem  |  Rating:
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I do a lot of traveling, and I usually bring my laptop with me. Because some places don't have Wi-Fi or don't have free Wi-Fi, it's really convenient to have something to get you online quickly and easily. Most airports have plenty of Wi-Fi hotspots, but nearly all of them require costly subscriptions or fees that just aren't worth it, especially if you don't visit the airport often. I love Verizon Wireless and I think they are the superior wireless provider, so going with their mobile broadband modem was a no-brainer. Basically, the modem receives reception anywhere in the Verizon coverage area. First of all, this modem provides a fast internet connection where it counts. It uses 3G, which is equally fast and reliable. I can always rely that the connection, even when it's not very fast because of poor reception, will not disconnect me randomly. For me, this is incredibly important. I'd take a reliable and consistent internet connection over a fast and sporadic one any day. Since it uses the USB port on any laptop, it doesn't use up much power and runs on a pretty self-sufficient basis.

The modem is small, about the length of a credit card and about the width of a cell phone. It is very light and weighs about as much as a chap stick. That said, it can be taken just about anywhere. It has a small antenna that folds into/out of the body, but I'm not entirely sure if it actually helps reception. Regardless, it still gets good reception even when my cell phone does not. The software included with the modem is easy to install and works on Mac or PC, and periodically downloads free updates. There is a monthly fee to use the mobile broadband service, and I believe there is more than one plan available from Verizon. The only real drawback I have found is that there is a maximum data transfer allowance per month, which basically means you can only use the modem a certain amount per month. However, I believe the maximum data usage per month on our plan is 5GB, which is plenty enough for occasional use of the device.

I really like this gadget, and I bring it with me anywhere I bring my laptop. It is easy to bring anywhere with peace of mind, as it comes with a small plastic cap that fits over the actual USB connector on the device. I think anyone who has Verizon Wireless and likes to have internet almost everywhere they go should consider this. It can be added on to your current wireless plan and is not very expensive. And, without having to pay endless Wi-Fi hotspot fees, it will pay for itself with regular usage! Overall, I would highly recommend this product.