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Get Fit With Wii

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By mom2one on
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All the rage right now in the world of video games is the Wii Fit.

I had preordered this months ago through Amazon as I knew this would be hard to find. Right now I heard this is sold out in a lot of places.

What exactly does Wii Fit do, you ask?

Well, just about everything you can do at a gym right in the comfort in your own home.

I am out of shape and the thought of going to a gym and working out in front of people is not my cup of tea. I thought the Wii Fit would be good, not only for me but the rest of my family.

With the game you get a balance board, which is also a scale. You when you first set it up you need to make a profile of yourself. You step on the balance board (scale) and it takes your weight and you put in your age and height and it gives you your BMI reading.

You also have to do a series of balance test and that will give you your Wii Fit age, which may or may not be your actual age.

Now I will say for some people you may have to take the BMI as just a number. My son made a profile and it rated him as obese. Now, my son has thick legs from his Tae Kwon Do and Track and Field activities, so he does weigh more then most eight year olds, but he is definitely not obese. So just remember the BMI reading doesn't take in account if your weight is more fat or more muscles.

The nice thing is you can password protect your information, so if you don't want others seeing your weight you can block it from others. That is a very nice feature for those of us that aren't our ideal weight.

This also allows you do check your progress and set goals for yourself. You can set the goals in weight, if you want to lose a few pounds or you can set it to drop your BMI a few numbers.

Now for the game itself, there are four areas you can work from; Aerobics, Yoga, Strength training and balance games.

If anyone tells you, you can not get a REAL workout from a video game then they haven't tried the Wii Fit. You WILL get a workout!

Being I am not a regular exercise person, the Wii Fit is a hard workout, especially the aerobic area. You would not think you could get exercise from pretending to hula hoop, but that is exactly what you are doing. I am sweating after a game! I haven't tried the running yet, but I can imagine that really gets your heart pumping.

My son loves the balance games. His favorite is the tightrope, table tilt and ski jump. Let me tell you these games look A LOT easier then they are.

My husband has worked in the strength training area, where they have you do leg raisers, push ups, jackknife, and a bunch of other exercises.

I will admit we haven't spent a whole lot of time in the yoga area. My son did try one of the exercises but even he had trouble holding his pose for 10 seconds. I know I would probably flop in the yoga area myself.

I can easily see how a person can lose weight with this game. That is what I am hoping to do myself. We have only had it for 4 days so I haven't seen much in the way of weight loss yet.

But this game gives you a hard workout that I don't see how if you use it 3 or more times a week that you won't either loss weight or tone your body.