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Get Inside The Dangerous World Of San Andreas

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I think there is no other game series I like in this world than the Grand Theft Auto series. Especially Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game was released on October 26, 2004 and received video game awards, great reviews from several popular multimedia gaming websites and magazines. GTA: San Andreas is an action game that was developed from its publisher, RockStar Games.

Story: The plot of the game revolves around the character, Carl Johnson, a.k.a CJ. CJ lived in Liberty City for the past five years to get away from the dangerous life in his hometown Los Santos. Now it's the early 90s and Carl returned home after hearing the tragic news about the death of his mother and to only find out things in the hood still hasn't changed. His friends all fell into drugs, his family are torn apart and he now has a new couple of enemies; two corrupted cops who accused him of of a murder he didn't commit. Carl has to find a way to restore peace within the city and rounds up his old gang, Grove Street Families to fight their rivals, the Ballas after they had taken over the city by violence and drugs--and stop the corrupt cops that is partly involved in this destruction. Along the way he befriends several people who helps in his mission and finds out who his real friends are.

Locations- The game takes place in three popular cities, Los Santos (Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). Los Santos is an area with many gangs and crime-ridden neighborhoods, namely in the streets of Gant, Idlewood Willow Field, and East Los Santos. On the other side of town are Downtown Los Santos, Santa Maria Beach, the famous Vinewood and Verona Beach.

San Fierro is the opposite of Los Santos, a beautiful city with its cable car system that operates around the town. Locations include Hasbury, Chinatown, Queens and a beautiful view of Gant Bridge.

Las Ventarus- Full of glitz and the city that never sleeps, Ventarus has its own Las Ventarus strip filled with casinos, Elvis Presley impersonators, and dozens of hotels you can stay in while going to a casino to gamble. Strip clubs is also common in this hotspot.

Gameplay: The game play is simply awesome. There are over fifty storyline missions in this game and even when completing them all, there is plenty of stuff you can do. Twelve mini side missions, dating six girlfriends, mountain bike races, the to ability to control an airplane and train, ride a bycle, gamble, swim, play basketball, two-player game and the list goes on.

Graphics- Improvement was definitely made since Vice City. Rockstar tried to make everything look real as possible without so many glitches--the colors, the effect of day and night (sunrise and sunset), and the scenery. For such a big game, I say they did a good job.

Sound: The characters voices are perfect in this game as if you're hearing a movie. Plus the sound effect of gun sounds, police sirens from afar, explosions, and pesterdians talking to one another is noticeably clear. Also there is no problem in the radio department as the songs and the voice of DJs is a treat to hear while riding in your vehicle around the city.

San Andreas is MA for only Mature Audience as the game included, adult language, violence, sexual themes and some explicit songs so this is not for children.

All in all, San Andreas is a classic and on the top of my list of a video game that is memorable, fun and you will never get tired of playing. And a must have for every video game lover.