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Gets Through It All!

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I was doing some shopping a few days ago. When I was in the beauty product section of the store, I spied these brightly colored hair brushes. I needed one, so I picked up a color combo that I liked the most (The pink and white). I thought that the price was comparable to what I'd pay for a brush at a drugstore or Walmart, but this was much more artistic looking than what I'd find at those stores.

I have tried this brush out quite a few times since I bought it. When my hair is tangled, I wouldn't call the brush super gentle. My hair is really thick and the brush tends to get caught in any snarled areas. At that point, I have to separate my hair more and detangle with it in smaller sections. This makes detangling a more time consuming affair, but at least I know that I am really getting all the knots out. I've tried big boar bristled brushes and thought they were doing a great job of getting my hair tangle-free, but after trying this, I can see they didn't do as thorough of a job as this does.

Once all the sections of hair have been brushed through, it is super easy to whip the brush through my hair quickly without hitting any snags. While brushing and working on the stubborn knots that crop up everyday, I noticed a part of the brush that irritates the side of my hand. There is this seam that goes around the perimeter of the brush. This seam rubs against my hand and that gets pretty annoying. The brush appears to be made entirely of plastic. Although, I'm not sure about the part that the bristles go into. That could be rubber. Besides that seam part, the brush's surface feels really smooth to the touch.

So far, I do like this brush. I have very few qualms with it. There are only a couple more issues that I've thought of. One being, the brush is so pretty to look at that when I get my dark brown-almost black hair in it, the hair really mars its appearance. I remove the hair right away because it looks so bad in there! The second one being, I am concerned with the bristles popping out and/ the white tips at the end of each bristle popping off. I've had plastic brushes like this (Not by this brand) in the past, and they have suffered that issue, so I wouldn't want it to happen to this brush.