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Gettin' Clean With Fresh Farmacy

Reviewing: Lush Fresh Farmacy Facial Soap  |  Rating:
By bigdane on
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I used Lush's Coalface soap to try to get rid of the excess oil I'd accumulated while biking outside all summer. The sweat and grit from cycling mixed up on my face to give me MASSIVE PIMPLES and LOTS OF OIL! Unfortunately, Coalface is ridiculously harsh, and I ended up worse than when I started. Tons of huge blackheads peppered my cheeks and I broke out all over! Awful. I went through three different facial soaps trying to get rid of these blackheads and perma-zits and nothing seemed to be working! So I went back to the source, Lush. I asked one of the workers what I should do about all this. She said Fresh Farmacy would be my best bet. It's gentle but it zaps up dirt and oil like nothin' else. So she gave me a sample to take home and I've been using it for the past month (their samples are huge!) and my face cleared up almost immediately! I've got a patch of red that still persists but is slowly going away as well. When I wash my face it feels squeaky clean afterwards and it looks fresh!

My suggestion is that people with combination skin use Fresh Farmacy, but start off only using it once a day, because it might be harsh. I use it once a day and it's working wonders!

Good luck, fellow Lushies! Don't forget to moisturise!