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Gettin Figgy With It!

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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Brown Sugar and FIG? The first time I saw this my husband was shopping with me in Bath & Body Works. We are both certfied massage Therapists, neither one of us actively working in the field anymore. However we are always looking for good lotions and creams to use for each other (lucky me! married to a massage therapist!). my husband brought this Figgy stuff to my attention.I thought it was going to be weird ..maybe even gross...but curiosity got the best of me so I checked it out.

The package says ...and I quote " Ripe figs sprinkled with brown sugar. Warm. Enticing Sexy." I thought to myself..."sexy??" I have never thought of a fig or the way that one smells as SEXY...Brown sugar? SURE...there's something sexy with a hint of naughty about putting sugar on your body...isn't there? Well after reading the ingredients I realized there wasn't actually brown sugar in it! Just the fragrance I guess!

Ok..there is a LONG list of ingredients so I'm just going to list the "naturally pampering ingredients" as they list them on the package.

Moisturizing Shea butter (2nd ingredient listed!)

JoJoba Butters (9th & 13th ingredient)

Soothing Aloe ( 21st ingredient)

Vitamins E & B5

I like that shea butter is the second ingredient! I think this this actually has some pretty good stuff in it.Shea butter is a well known skin softener and smoother.


Anyways, my husband was insisting that we get one. HE really liked it. I sniffed it and I have to admit that it wasn't bad at all...it was actually very light. You can smell the brown sugar, and a slight sweet hint of fig there's also a little something else...I wanna say Amber or maybe a FAINT hint of musk?it actually shows up in the fragrance more so after you have had it on for a few minutes... whatever it is, it does "warm" the fragrance and Brown Sugar Fig Body Butter, does have a sexy/sensual feel to the fragrance. We bought it. There was a sale buy 3 get one free so we also took home 3 other scents.

This is a very pale pink in color. It is very thick but goes on and smoothes out onto the skin extremely well. It does feel a little greasy at first but I have a tendancy to use to much! It Does absorb after a few minutes if you massage it in. Now for massage purposes -We look for a product that allows as close to 20 minutes of "glide time" ( time before it absorbs and leaves no slip) as possible. These body butters are great because even after the "greasy" feeling is gone there is still a little bit of slip...not much but enough to allow good controll for deep tissue work. Don't worry-it's not greasy or waxy.There are more "professional", massage oriented creams out there BUT those can be VERY expensive! The cream we usually use is much more expensive and since we are not actually working on paying clients...this works great for us.

I have psoriasis-another reason I am always looking for skin lotions/creams. Finding ones I can use is usually difficult. My Psoriasis get irritated pretty easily...fragrance, and I don't know what exact ingredients do it..but so far these Bath & Body Works Body Butters seem to be ok. I haven't had any of the burning, or inflammation or WORSENING with their body butter products. This product also seems to last a long time..a little goes a long way I gues!

It is $14.00 for a 7oz tub. but like I said these go on sale all the time so when they do...we stock up on the ones we like! This Brown Sugar & Fig has been added to our list of favorites from Bath & Body Works...I guess we're gettin figgy with it!