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Getting A Cold? Emergen C To The Rescue!

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I found these years ago when I was working at Wild Oats. I was working a lot and like so many people (if not everyone) I was feeling pretty run down on top of that run down feeling, I was getting sick. A friend suggested I try Emergen-C.

Emergen-C is a powdered drink mix dietary supplement that comes in individual serving packets. Each packet contains .3oz of powder.

It says on the packet that it is a “Super Energy Booster”

In each packet there is 7 mineral ascorbates -the 1000mg of Vitamin C comes from those in a non-acidic formula to help boost your immune system, B vitamins to also boost your energy in a natural way…none of that caffeine buzz and 32 mineral complexes with anti-oxidants and micronutrients to help you feel good and promote general well being.

Each packet needs to be mixed with 4-6 oz of water. The directions say that you can take this 2-4 times a day. Each packet has 25 calories, 6g of carbs, and 6 grams of sugar.

Emergen-C is available in a variety of flavors. One of my favorites is the Raspberry. It is a little tart, it is slightly carbonated. I don’t think it tastes bad at all. The packet actually says “flavored fizzy drink mix”.

When I first used it, I did notice a little bit of an energy boost about 20 minutes after I drank it. This is not something you really sip on (in my opinion) I mean you can but I always just drink it down as fast as I can. I do not drink this everyday. I do keep it on hand and use it for an extra little energy boost. I also like to take it when I feel like I have the beginnings of a cold coming on. All that Vitamin C has got do some good!

If I am getting a cold I usually take 4 a day. In the past, when I have taken this at the very beginning of a cold, I have managed to “fight it off” and keep the cold from going into full blown status. I have to believe that Emergen-C played a huge roll in this. Other family members have experienced this as well. My husband had a sore throat and he took 4 packets, it was gone the next day. I am not sure if EVERYONE will have the same results but I have good reports from everyone I know that uses this.

This is pretty easy find now, of course all natural food stores carry this but Wal-mart, Raleys, and other common stores have it as well now. You can sometimes find them sold by the individual packet (.39 cents each) but they are more commonly sold by the box. I think there are 24 in a box.I could be wrong…I have 2 packets left so it’s time to buy more! Prices for box vary from about $8.00-$14.00 depending on where you go to buy it. This can also be found online.

Little bit of extra info...Alacer Corp is the distributer. I have tired the "generic" brands of this product and not only did they taste yucky, but I didn't seem to get the same results.

Update On Jun 13, 2008: Ok, I just bought another box a few days ago and there are 36 packets in a box and I paid $9.99 at Walgreens. I was unsure of the count per box when I actually wrote the review because I only had few packets left and had thrown away the box! So, there it is! Price will still vary depending on where you buy it.