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Getting What You Pay For, With A Hammer

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dade By dade on
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My dad always likes to say those lines, I would expect my great, great grandfather to say. "You get what you pay for." is one of my father's favorites. But, the older I get, the more I realize it's true. Most of the time, when I go out to buy something I really need, I have found; I do get what I pay for.

When I couldn't find a decent hammer around the house, or garage, I went to Sears. It's a no brainer. Craftsman brand tools might be the best tools a homeowner can invest in. If it breaks, they replace it. It has always been the rule.

I used to go with my own father, when I was younger, to shop the hardware department of Sears. This time, I brought my oldest son with me. When I found what I needed, we looked around awhile longer, as a couple of salesmen begin sniffing our trail. We didn't need anything more, so we bought the hammer and left.

All the way home, Brian was snickering at me. "You went to Sears for a hammer?" I guess my oldest son had a few lessons, to learn. I smiled, then heard my father's voice escape my lips. "You get what you pay for."

Brian asked me, what that was supposed to mean. I shrugged, then told him I might say it a few more times to him, before he grew up and left the house.

The Craftsman 16 oz. Curved Claw Hammer works. It is a hammer, it better work. I paid a few bucks more for it, than some other hammer might have cost, but I know it will be around for awhile. I will keep a better eye on a hammer I paid about twenty dollars for.