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Gheenoe 15' 6 Classic Review

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My father-in-law bought a Gheenoe for when he travels with his camper. He wanted something big enough to fit 2 people fishing, but small and light enough to tote around on a trailer by hand. I recently went to visit them on vacation in Florida with my hubby. We took the boat out almost everyday and had a great time. For simple fishing and traveling over the water, this boat works great.


Size- Gheenoes are small enough that they are easy to move around by hand. You don't need a truck to pull it or launch it. Some people actually carry this boat in the back of trucks, or on the tops of cars. I would suggest getting a small, light trailer. Even then, you can move the trailer around by hand. The boat itself is very easy to move in the water, like a canoe. Launching and loading is a snap!

Because it is small like a canoe, it can go places big boats can't. We went to shallow fishing waters as little as a foot deep. We also were able to tuck right up next to a shoreline or mangrove and tie off.

Personal- The Gheenoe allows for personal fishing and traveling. You can take it out on your own easily. My hubby and I fished together and had a great time just talking and relaxing. It's long enough to have one person sit in back and one in front without getting your lines tied up. The middle bench is great for cutting and measuring fish on.

Multi-Use- This boat is half canoe, half power boat. We had a motor attached to ours, but you can use this boat with just paddles. It is easy to move with paddles just like a canoe. With the motor, the Gheenoe moves fast and smooth over easy waters.

Stability- The design of these boats makes it very stable. We fished sitting, but you can stand and fish in it without tipping. Moving around in the boat does rock it, but it takes a lot of rocking to tip it.


Size- If you plan on fishing with more than 2 people in the boat, you may not want this kind of boat. We did get my father-in-law, my hubby, and I in it the first day, but it was really bogged down and slow. With us and all of our supplies in it, we were pushing the weight limit.

Even when just my hubby and I went out, it was still tight. With all of our supplies in the middle, there was just no room to move around. I sat in the front the whole time and found it tricky to move and turn around to get the fish in the boat and bait.

Storage- this boat has little storage. The center of the middle bench lifts up to store a little, but it's not that big. We had to keep all our supplies in the middle section and around our feet.

Bench Comfort- The benches are hard like the rest of the boat. There are no actual seats or cushions in this style. We used life vests as cushions, but after about 2 hours of sitting, it still gets uncomfortable.

Does not take waves- We were in the mangroves of the Everglades and the opening of the Gulf of Mexico with this boat. When the water was calm it was great. But once the wind picked up and the water got choppy, the boat didn't do so well. Especially sitting in the front of the boat, I got bounced A LOT! I had to hold on and lift myself off the bench just so it didn't hurt so badly. I would no suggest using this boat in open waters or with waves over a foot.