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Ghetto Crackberry

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mendoi By mendoi on
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MY STORY When I got my Property Mgt Certificate in May 2007, I thought I was all high and mighty and would get this awesome blingin' job as a property mgr. So I thought I would need to get a business phone.Yeah okay, I was broke and straight out of school lookn for a full-time job. All I could afford is the oldest model of the Blackberry that they offered (by this time, the one with the ANTENNA had already become obsolete).Maxing out my poor credit cards once again, with what's left, I fished out 200 bucks for this ghetto brick, on a 3 year contract.THE GOOD First and foremost, I have dropped this thing a bajillion times, mostly on concrete. Imagine all the gasps this is always followed by hahaha and I just look around like, "What? What happened? Oh ...no worries, it's ghetto." It survives all. It truly is a brick.I love the full keyboard. I was always a fast texter, and since I've had the full keyboard, my fingers are well on their way to arthritis with paragraphed life-stories I send to people's phones.The reception is good in the sense that it picks up every single background noise. The recipient can hear EVERYYYthing.Back when I still had the data plan, surfing on Facebook was pretty cool.THE BADSurfing on Facebook cost a lottah money so I had to cancel my data plan. Saved me a good 40ish bucks a month. Just because I got myself an office job, doesn't mean I can afford triple digit phone bills.If you take a lookie at my photos there, you can sorta see how you can't just directly call somebody from the address book. If you press ENTER, you VIEW the contact. You can't edit, you can't call. For all such functions, you must go OPTIONS, call / edit / etc. Only useful thing you can do directly is delete a contact lol....This thing's pretty slow. Sometimes, it displays that my sent msg is still pending, but my phone's already vibrated to advise me the recipient has already REPLIED to my "pending" msg.SUMMARYI kinda love the ghetto-ness of this phone. It kinda humbles me. The main use I look for in a phone is texting, and the full keyboard gives me that. I just hate how slow it is to keep up with me. And I'm accident-prone, I can't believe how much this thing has survived. If you're looking for anything else whatsoever, I wouldn't recommend you get this.