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Ghost Camp A Goosebumps Book By R.L Stine

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By ranger on
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I've been reading this goosebumps book series ever since I was 12 years old and I must admit i still take up one of those books now and then. The book with the title "ghost camp" Written by R.L Stine was the first goosebumps book I have ever bought and let me tell you, as I kid, I could be caught under the covers in the middle of the night wit a flash light reading intensely. This book is about two brother's aged 11 and 12 Alex being the eldest, both of whom are on a buss; on their way to a camping site where they will be spending some time. Now, when they arrive at the camp they meet other children and the guides and everything seems normal, but shortly after, strange things began to happen and not long after that, all hell breaks loose! Alex and his brother began to get creeped out as the other kids began acting strangely in the night. like floating above their beds, an this yukky green stuff is everywhere. Alex and his brother almost peed their pants when they found out the disturbing truth that every other kid who they met at the camp actually died sometime ago, and they were the only living ones there...and even more disturbing... those dead kid need to take over Alex and his brother's body so their spirit can roam free outside the grounds of the camp!

This book is excellent for children 7 - 14 as the characters are of a similar age, but still, anyone who reads it will enjoy it. For the most part, R.L Stine is a talented writer. The only downfall for this book is the ending... It is somewhat inadequate and leaves you wanting to know what happened next, although there isn't anything else to suggest it.