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Ghosts Among Us

Reviewing: Harper One Publishers Ghosts Among Us By James Van Praagh  |  Rating:
Jenn Huffer By Jenn Huffer on
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My mom purchased this book for me through one of her book clubs. I have always been fasinated by the spiritial world and Ghosts so she thought this book would intrige me. I have to admit that it has. It at least makes you think.

This book is written by James Van Praagh. He has been on many talk shows and used to have his own TV show. He is now one of the producers of the TV show Ghost Whisperer.

In this book James talks about many experiances he has hd during his lifetime with ghosts and spirits. He explains what death is like by what he has been told from those who have already passed on. The most intriging part about this book to me was how he explains how we can choose what kind of energy we have around ourselves. How we can get rid of negative energy and surround ourselves with love and positive energy. I am a Christian and I follow the Bible and believe in God and Christ and many of my fellow Christian believers think I'm crazy for reading about ghosts and hauntings all the time but in reading this book I have learned that what is being said in this book (for the most part) is the same as how God wants us to live. Now I don't go as far as believing in reincarnation and all of that but what James says aobut the energy we pick up from others and how we can filter such energy either away from u, torwards us or around us is very much like the Christian beliefs.

If you need a good uplifting and want to try some of the experiments listed in this book to channel your own energy or if you are just intriged like Iam with the spiritual world this is the book for you.