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Gigabyte Ga 8 Anxp D Review

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Gigabyte GA-8ANXP-D is a mainboard for socket LGA775 P4. Sigma sign or 8 is 8 items on the entire series Gigabyte board. LGA775, dual channel, dual power system, dual ethernet, a special box, plus cool with heatpipe system, details of the device to the USB and Firewire Audio last with support pro-logic. GA-product 8ANXP-D design in the special and very full and expensive. To treat for the board GA-8ANXP-D is not remarkably placing responsibility hardware. From technology to the PCI-Express Gigabit LAN and placement of additional Wireless system with standard 802.11b and g.


For the first note, that i925x chip-set has 4 internal SATA devices. ATA adding only 1 to 2-channel IDE devices. Additional to 4 SATA hard disk is SiliconImage's Sil3114 controller that features the system RAID.Total 8 hard disk can be installed on board with this system interface with 2 SATA RAID selection of Intel chip-set or SiliconImage Sil3114 and alternative 2 for ATA hard drive or CD-ROM drive.

Ethernet, PCI-E slot.

Log in to the slot mainboard. Gigabyte GA-8ANXP leaving only D-2 devices PCI slot. The rest is for PCI Express 16X VGA. For future features, PCI-Express device placed additional 3 slots but only has a speed of 1X. At the top of the image seen on the PCI Express Gigabyte GA-8ANXP-D, and no more AGP.

Gigabyte GA-D-8ANXP not made as usual mainboard. For there are 2 Ethernet Ethernet chip-set with the speed 1Gigabit. First use the chip Broadcom PCIe X1 Gigabit Ethernet controller and BCM575 Marvel 88E8001. the question is, why it should have 2 Ethernet chip-set provided in the GA-D-8ANXP even both speednya supports 1Gbit Ethernet system?. Gigabyte trying to meet the needs of the standard network technology, especially in the SOHO server in addition to speed transfer of high-speed Ethernet technology. To use, 1 ethernet can be used for external LAN Internet where board can be used as a wireless router and the other for internal network. Both were created equally over bandwidth on demand system SOHO. Not to be satisfied disainnya, Gigabyte GA-8ANXP-D also provides additional Wireless Network (WLAN). Also support the WLAN card is already support the standard 802.11b / g with the GN-WPKG 5V - 2.4Ghz with PCI interface.