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Gilad Beginner Weight Loss Toning Program

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I love to swim but really can't stand "aerobics". Step classes make me twitch. I'm mildly uncoordinated - the instructor says Left and I go Right, that sort of thing. In June 2006, I realized I needed to start a concerted effort to exercise to maintain my health. I floundered around for a while trying to find the "right" exercise for me. I finally found Bodies In Motion. What a "hallelujah" moment for me!

Gilad, the instructor, is encouraging, motivating, and very knowledgeable about fitness. This DVD is targeted to beginner-level fitness. The routines are simple, the instructions are clear, and Gilad consistently provides options if the workout is too strenuous. He also offers suggestions to make the workout more challenging. While it's designed for beginners, I've been using it on and off for 18 months [along with other DVDs] and have found ways to keep it challenging and interesting.

One of the other things I really like about this [and other Gilad DVDs] is that occasionally one of the people in the video gets confused and goes Left instead of Right or similar. There's something about those hiccups that is encouraging to me. Maybe it's that even though they are in great shape, a misstep reminds me that they're not perfect either. Whatever the reason, I take comfort in it.

The DVD includes a warm up routine, aerobics [~30 minutes], and a cool down. There are also toning exercises that really work.

I started with this DVD and have since purchased quite a few more from Bodies In Motion. I have lost 54# and can really see muscle definition in my body where once there was none. I used this DVD, exclusively, for the first 4 months of my weight loss effort. It has been very effective in combination with reduced calorie dietary choices.

I highly recommend this - or any! - Bodies In Motion DVD for fitness and health.

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