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Gillette Hydrator Body Wash

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Brian Lamacraft By Brian Lamacraft on
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Gillette makes various products for men inclusing shaving cream, deodorants, and body wash. In this review we look at Gillette Hydrator body wash.

Gillette Hydrator body wash is a product that claims to offer dry skin relief after one use. The product comes in a 473ml container with the typical pop cap at the bottom. The body wash is easy to open and the product comes out with just a little squeezing. The body wash is quite thick and you won't need very much on a wash cloth or your hands. If you plan to use this in a bath for some suds, the product won't work and clumps together in the your bath water This product has a nice smell and it lathers up well. You do feel clean after using this body wash and it doesn't leave any residue on your body.

Like many commerical body wash products this one has a host of chemical ingredients and it might not be the best thing if you are looking for something to deal with dry skin. It's suprising to see the number of chemicals in a product that is supposed to help with dry skin relief. It would be better to rub some oil on dry skin areas than use this body wash for that purpose. The body wash contains almost twenty different chemicals with long names that you won't be able to read. After using the product for some time the results were good but the long list of chemicals on the back of the product leaves me with questions as to the why all these chemical ingredients are needed in a simple soap. I don't plan to buy the product again due to chemicals I can't understand on the label.

In the future I hope Gillette can make a natural product and move away from using so many chemicals in their men's products. I don't want to use a product that has this many chemicals that I don't know anything about. A soap should clean you not turn you into a chemical experiment. Read your labels before you use a product and make the decision for yourself if you want to use it. This body wash does clean you, it smells nice, but the amount of chemicals it contains will leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. I can't recommend this product due to the amount of chemicals on the back of the label. If you have dry skin, look to natural products to deal with the problem.