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Gillette Series Shave Gel Sensitive Skin

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Brian Lamacraft By Brian Lamacraft on
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Gillette makes skin and hair care products for men such as shaving cream, deodorants, and body wash. This review is for the sensitive skin shaving gel product.

This shaving gel goes on smooth, smells nice and makes shaving easy. The problem isn't with the gel itself, it's with the horrible, useless, product dispenser can. The can has button you press to dispense the gel out of the can but even after a hard press you barely get any product out of the can. When you do get product out, more of it goes in the walls, sink, mirror, than on your shaving brush. It either comes out in a small amount or a bunch all at one. It doesn't matter what angle you put the can at the result is the same, a mess of gel.

If you had any type of hand problem such as arthritis it would make getting this product out of the can near impossible. The hole for one thing is way too small to dispense the gel properly. The hole clogs easily and you need to flush it with water but this rarely solves the problems with getting the product out of the can. After use, small amounts of gel leak out and turn the cap into a mess in the morning that you need to rinse out. You fight with this can and never get down to the important part which is shaving. After many attempts this can ended up in the trash can. The dispenser for this product is completely useless. This is one product that needs a complete can redesign because you just can't use the product properly when not enough or too much of it comes out of the tiny product hole. It is a shame because the gel is well worth buying and using for the great smooth shave it gives you.

After an E-mail to Gillette a coupon for a new, free product arrived by mail in about two weeks. The Foamy series of shaving foam comes in a large can with an easy press dispenser without the mess of the gel series product. if you want a quick shave before rushing to work use a different product and leave the shaving gel and the poorly design canister at the store where it belongs. Gillette needs to review the design for this product and make a shaving can someone can actually use properly.