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Gimme A Gizmoz

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Karen Kramer By Karen Kramer on
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Ok, I admit it. I'm totally hooked. I have finally found the best way to waste time. It's a Procrastinator's heaven, a bored housewife's Mecca, an Employer's worst nightmare. Hours fly by, dishes sit in the sink, and your in box will stay full. Having a bad day? Need a good old fashion belly laugh? How about a place to seek hidden revenge on that Customer Service Rep who left you on hold for 42 minutes? Well I've found the place.

A simple website called Gizmoz with some truly awesome software. In a matter of minutes, you can turn any Headshot Photo into your own personal Avatar mini-movie. Think of the possiblities. Finally you can turn your children into little angels. And you even get to put words in their mouths. You can actually hear them say things like "Thank you Mommy" and "Yes Mom, I'll clean my room NOW" or maybe even "It WAS MY fault". You can then email copies of your mini-movie to all those other Mom's with the perfect kids.

And what about that ex-friend or ex-spouse? Instead of cutting them out of your pictures, why not turn them into your own hideous Avatar slave. You'll finally be able to hear the truth coming out of their mouths. Oh the Joy! Now I realize there is not a commandment for "Thou shalt always turn your enemies into comic relief", but I must say that laughter does have a way of putting things into perspective.

Gizmoz really does make it easy to create your Avatars and to share your Avatars. They can be emailed, embedded on a website, MySpace Page or Blog, or downloaded to your computer.

If you're depressed or having a really bad day, Stop by Gizmoz...trust me you'll feel better. A word of warning...Do Not Attempt this website when you have a term paper due or that big project starting!