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Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed 2004 Widescreen

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Brigitte is battling her lycanthropy with the drug, monkshood AKA wolfsbane. She sees visions of her sister, Ginger, whose ghost constantly criticizes her. A werewolf wants to mate with her. After an attack, she awwakens in a drug rehababilitation center because she's believed to be an addict. Another resident becomes friends with her and helps her to escape. The ending has a surprising twist.

The story is simple but effective. It is slow-paced for the first half of the movie but it's necessary to develop Brigitte's character. Her acting skills are proven again.

I think that the setting is much creepier than the first movie. It's set in the Canadian woods in the winter. It has good music and some gore.

Emily Perkins reprises her role as Brigitte. She isn't the best looking actress around but she has a strength in her acting that I enjoy and find very attractive.

Tatiana Maslany plays Ghost, a fellow resident, who becomes Brigitte's only friend. Ghost likes everything dark and morbid. Brigitte thinks she's annoying but reluctantly agrees to joins forces with her.

Eric Johnson plays a perverted orderly named Tyler. He's disgustingly creepy because he preys on the female addicts' addictions to get sex.

The camerawork is clear but slightly darker. The SFX are good. There are several gory scenes, especially near the end. The werewolf is great but there are no complete on-screen changes, which I usually like to see. The sound is great with very clear voices and a good soundtrack.

This is a simple and very good sequel to the great original. Emily Perkins shows her great acting skills and she carries the movie mostly by herself. with a creepy setting and a lot of gore, I highly recommended this to all horror fans.