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Ginger Snaps Back 3: The Beginning 2004

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The Northern Legion Trading Company builds a fort in the wilderness and each spring 36 of their men travel across the bay in boats carrying animal furs to trade for supplies. This year, the men don't return.

Brigette and Ginger are sisters and the only survivors after their boat capsizes and kills their parents. They meet an old woman that tells them to "kill the boy or one sister kills the other." An local Indian trapper takes them to the fort to stay. They've been under attack by werewolves.

The story is simple but effective. The basic story is similar to the original Ginger Snaps movie but set in a different time. It's much darker and morbid.

Outside you see the beautiful but ominous, woods of Canada. Inside it's dark with shadows everywhere. It is a perfect horror atmosphere!

Many of the actors seem like stage actor with great acting.

Again, Emily Perkins is great as usual as Brigitte, And Katharine Isabelle again plays Ginger.

Nathaniel Arcand does a great job as the Indian hunter who leads the girls to their destiny. The Reverend is self-righteous and wants to kill the girls. The fort leader sides with the girls. He is in denial about the werewolves. One soldier likes to abuse women.

The cinematography is just beautiful. There are a few shots with Ginger's gory visions and a few dream sequences.

The SFX are excellent. The werewolves look good and the gore is realistic. The sound with wind blowing, fire crackling, floors creaking, wolves howling, are very clear. The music is orchestral, which perfect to convey tension.

I absolutely love this movie! Everything about it is very atmospheric. It's perfect for horror fans to watch during a thunderstorm or on an autumn night.

However, I do have 2 issues. The werewolves die much too easily. The ending seemed a bit confusing. It's set up for a sequel.

Tons of cool DVD Features:

Anamorphic widescreen

English and French Dolby Digital 5.1

Commentary with director Grant Harvey

Deleted Scenes

Director Grant Harvey's Video Diary

Wolfboy Special Effects Make-up and stunt Rehearsal

Blood, Guts and Fire - Dead Scene Special Effects and Stunts

Costume Design

Behind the Scenes

Production Design Walk Through


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