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Gl Legacy Made In Usa

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Geoff Wadhams By Geoff Wadhams on
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Leo Fender thought he was going to die, so he sold Fender to CBS. Well, that didn't happen as fast as his doctor thought so Leo started G&L to finish his life's work. There are so many things better about American made G&L compared to the Fender

product that it's hard to list them all. G&L improved virtualy every aspect of the guitar, save the tone. Or, I wish they had saved the tone.. But like cooking, you cant change the recipie without expecting "different" results. Best put, it's "strat-ish". The sawn and rejoined halves stabilize the maple neck. The ultratight neck to body pocket helps tone and sustain. The massive fulcrum tailpiece and spring set stays put and keeps the axe in tune. Electronics are top notch, but I would prefer hotter pickups.And the swamp ash body is very dense. Fretwork is excellent too. All this gives a very stable and playable instrument, a great primary axe for a working musician. There is something inherent about the Fender strat that sets it apart from anything else. Perhaps the simple stamped tailpiece, small resonant trem springs and alder body/maple neck combo play into the equation. You love it with all it's warts, or you dont!